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Monday, September 23, 2013

Training skills on Women Entrepreneurship Development

Training skills on Women Entrepreneurship Development: Trainers most demanding role is as a trainer, who is the facilitator for a group of potential women. For performing effective role as a trainer, she /he should have
following training skills:
- Presentation and communication skills :
During all stages of training  like pre-training, training and post training, the trainer must effectively present all , including women entrepreneurs. Such skills help to create good image and faith amongst all and becomes important when actual training is imparted.

- Sensitivity to needs of other people
The trainer must demonstrate great sensitivity in knowing what participants expect, want and have flexibility to change to such needs. Such skill will make her see the possible impact of training sessions, and fulfill the individual needs of women  entrepreneurs.

- Technical Skills:
For performing certain technical task during women entrepreneurship development, the trainer must possess following skills:
1) Competency assessment and assessing different types of motivation.
2) Identifying and linking business opportunities
3) What is feasibility and how to assess it

- Counseling skills
For developing and motivating women entrepreneurs individual and continuous counseling is required. Trainer , therefore, must have the counseling skill to motivate, guide and provide needed information and moral support at all stages.