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Thursday, August 1, 2013

What is justice and social justice

What is justice and social justice : What is understand about the justice. It is very simple to us and people understand justice when people including the poor people and women live in a just society and get justice
from the existing society is called justice for the people. The people always claim for the just society and proclaim for the justice but in out society the justice just have in their dream. The development actors and government cannot ensure the justice for the poor and women in the society specially those are living in the rural and extreme remote areas of Bangladesh. However, one of the definition of justices is giving to each members of the society what they actually want and need and what is due for them. But the problems is understanding what actually due for them. Practically justice is a set of universally declared principles that guide the poor people in judging what is rights and what is wrong irrespective of caste, religion, creed, culture and ethnicity. The word justice is one of the four cordial values along with courage, of classical moral philosophy, temperature and produce. The ultimate objective of the of all the virtues is to ensure the dignity, power and sovereignty for the human being.
The social justice is generally exercised within a existing society  specially as it is applied to and among the various types of social classes of a society. Again, a socially acceptable and just society is one that based on the principles of equality as well as solidarity and in the society everyone understand the values of the human rights , fundamental rights, women rights and society take the initiatives to protect the rights.