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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Supply Chain , Supply Chain Management and what is supply chain management

Supply Chain , Supply Chain Management and what is supply chain management : We can define the supply chain as a is a system or method of the a development , its people, information, resources and activities that is generally involved in transferring or reaching the  product and/or service to the targeted suppliers or
customer. It activities of the Supply chain generally  transform the raw materials, natural resources  and components into or as a finished product that actually deliver  to the end or final customer. In sophisticated and best supply chain systems generally used products or services sometimes enter in to the supply chain again at any point where the residual value is actually recyclable. The Supply chains has link with the value chain.

Supply Chain Management
The Supply chain management (SCM) is the management that is interlinked and/or interconnected between different channel, network and node of businesses generally work or involved in the provision of the product as well as service packages that is usually required by the end/final customers in a specific supply chain. The span of the management of Supply chain is the movement as well as the storage of raw materials, finished product or goods, as well work in process inventory from point of production areas or origin to the point of consumption level. The supply chain management can be defined as the planning, designing, control, execution including the monitoring of the supply chain related activities with the aim or purpose of creating the net value, leveraging nation or worldwide logistics, building the infrastructure that is competitive, synchronizing supply with needs including demand and measuring the performance globally.
The Supply Chain Management (SCM) involved in the management of operational management, logistics management, procurement management, as well as information technology management and generally strives for the integrated approach.
The major or key supply chain processes are as follow:
•    Customer relationship management
•    Customer service management
•    Demand management style
•    Fulfillment of order
•    Manufacturing flow management
•    Supplier relationship management
•    Development of the Product & commercialization
•    Returns management
It naturally we observe much of the written about the demand management. Most of the best  development organization and companies have same type characteristics and they are as follows:
•    Internal and external collaboration
•    Initiatives to reduce lead time
•    Tighter feedback from customer
•    Market demand
•    Customer based forecasting
Other critical supply business system or processes combine the processes are:
a.    Service management for the customer
b.    Procurement
c.    Product development as well as commercialization
d.    Manufacturing flow management and necessary support
e.    Physical distribution
f.    Outsourcing and/or partnerships
g.    Measurement of performance
h.    Management of Warehousing