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Friday, August 9, 2013

Social Justice Definition or What is social justice ?

Social Justice Definition or What is social justice ?
Social justice is now a days has become a great concern of the people of development countries. But in really  due to various reasons, the injustice exist in many developing countries like Bangladesh. The poor and
hard core poor claiming for the justice but their demands are remaining unmet due to absence of rule of law, patriarchal culture, existing of superstitions, peoples attitude and  terrorism as well as influence of influential.

However, now concern what actually mean the social justice? It is just society where the people enjoy the human rights, child rights, women rights and basic rights.

Social Justice is an attribute of Good Governance, showing whether the citizens of a country are enjoying fully the Human Rights that are universally agreed. When such internationally agreed Human Rights are observed to discriminate or violate in case of any citizen, whatever class, race, religion, culture, she or he belongs to then the situation is referable as Social Injustice. So the Social Justice is the qualifying situation of the application and practice of Human Rights, ultimately the prevalence of Good Governance.