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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Relationship and links between Democracy and Good Governance

Relationship and links between Democracy and Good Governance
•    Participation of People in the development process ensures transparency and accountability. The participation of the community and stakeholders increase the access to information and accountability to the
people increase the responsibilities to the people. So, in democratic environment the elements of these governance criteria is essential to exist.
•    Protection of human rights is possible in a democratic society which eventually ensure good Governance. Again, the good enough governance is essential for creating the democratic environment.  
•    Participatory decision-making is conducive to practice democracy which leads towards the process of good governance. The in the process of good governance the people exercise the decision making authority.
•    Inclusion of gender perspective in the development process maximizes participation in all spheres of life, which is a precondition for good governance. This participation is possible in a true democratic environment  
•    Good governance could be established when common public goods are properly distributed, managed and used. This can be ensured when the democracy exists in a society.