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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Project Identification to serve the poor people through designing development project

The Project Identification to serve the poor people through designing development project
The concept of a development project is generated in a various circumstances. The impetus of the  developing a new project/program comes generally when development organizations as well as agencies are
informed about problem in a certain area and/or community. Acquaintance with the problem situation or perspective takes place, sometimes as result of their participation or involvement in the community level, through primary information/data collection, from secondary sources or by other development organizations. Sometimes new program/project idea comes from the experiences of the existing program/project being implemented. In fact , there is no hard and fast system or structured textbook approach that you have to follow while perceiving or generating initial idea of a program/project. However, to come into a appropriate program/project concept or to gradually refine the initial program/project concept or idea a design team should have to follow in a  systematic approach. It generally  helps you to go deeper insight of the operating situation/perspective to assess the appropriateness of the primary/initial idea, comparative priority and/or justification behind the concept or idea and strategic position of the development organization to materialize the concept.

Regardless of the cause or reasons that project/program concept/ idea come into being there are some programming framework to guide the program/project conceptualization process more pragmatic, relevance as well s realistic to the organization. The Project design team should follow the decisions about new program/project on their development organizational programming principles, values and strategic focus. Furthermore, priority of the local people, government as well as donors are other important and key  factors that they should take into account. A short and brief description of those guiding factors in given here.