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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monitoring and Evaluation in NGO and Development Sector

The importance of Monitoring and Evaluation in NGO and Development Sector is really high. Most of the stakeholders in the NGO and development sector want quality of work and NGO project Implementation.
The NGO receives fund want to ensure quality implementation of the project. Again, the donor provides fund to NGO want high level performance and sustainability. So, in NGO and Development sector  the monitoring and evaluation is really very important. To review and assess the progress and impact of the project it needs to development the monitoring tools and NGO must have to development that to gather field based data of the project and review progress and impact. Further, monitoring can assess the quality of the project activities. How well the project is performing,, it can be assessed through the monitoring process.

Again, the NGO should have the internal evaluation system to assess the impact of the project and to see whether the project is going to attain the desired impact or result or not. On the other hand, the donor also want to evaluation the project generally at the mid stage and final stage.