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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Integrated strategy on local level capacity and resilience building for disaster risk reduction and mitigation: A framework

A framework has been presented in here on the participation and integrated initiatives of the local community and social institutions for reducing the risks of disaster (DRR) and disaster mitigation as well as building local capacity and resilience of the vulnerable inhabitants of disaster pron areas in Bangladesh.   

Relevant Issues:

Global natural disaster situation becoming vicious increasingly and the situation of Bangladesh even more devastating and diminishing as well. Over the last few years, Integer government, local government, non-government and donor agencies initiatives and programmes were designed and implemented but inept to established local level sustainable system and local capacity. Highlighting gaps behind the screen is the lack of active participation of local community and social institutions in the process of disaster resilience building activities as well as the lack of coordination between the Aid agencies and implementing agencies. It is evident that different organizations are initiating local resilience building activities/project at same time in a specific area but do not have any coordination among them; and sensibly being unable to achieve their expected results or goals considering the utilization of huge resources for local level resilience building for disaster mitigation. Beneath this reality and wide experience, through the Enhancing Resilience (ER) project, WFP has proposed a framework where local community, local government, respective disaster management agencies of government and other agencies will work in more coordinated and integrated way to mitigate disaster and resilience building of local community and that will be core of this chapter.

Overall Objectives of the Proposed Framework for Local Level Disaster Risk Reduction and Enhancing Resilience (DRR & ER):

1.    Prioritizing local level capacity and resilience building for natural disaster mitigation and creating social awareness and strengthening mass gatherings on climate change and natural disaster.
2.    Developing long-term risk reduction and resilience building plan at union level through local level technical risk assessment for natural disasters.
3.    Integrating all local level planned capacity building and resilience building initiatives of WFP and services of GO and NGOs for mitigating disaster with the development plan of local government especially with the development plan of Union Parishad.  
4.    Putting Union Parishad at the centre of all attention for implementing any kind of disaster mitigation and risk reduction activities at local level and mobilizing and building capacity of Union Parishad to be more effective and responsible.
5.    Involving Upazilla and Union Disaster Management Committees including other groups in more coordinated and integrated way for implementing different activities for local level disaster management.
6.    Increasing the participation of local community at every tire of the implementation process of all local level disaster management activities.