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Monday, November 26, 2012

Employee /Staff Recruitment personnel policy, procedure, service rule or manual of a development organization or NGO

The Employee /Staff Recruitment personnel policy, procedure, service rule or  manual of a development organization or NGO are as follows:
-   All job vacancies will be advertised in the Daily National/Local newspapers. Furthermore, the vacancies will be circulated in Notice Board of DCP and in public places.
-   A Selection Committee will be formed with at least 5 Members. Senior staff and Executive Committee members including Executive Director shall be the member of Selection Committee. The Committee needs to be approved by the Executive Committee. The Committee will maintain the whole responsibility of recruitment process. Executive Director of DCP or his designate will lead the recruitment committee.
-   Among the Committee members at least 3 members including Executive Director must have to be involved in all the recruitment procedures. 
-   It needs to mention that DCP is working with donors as well as Partners. If any representative from donor or partner show interest to take part in the selection process DCP will cordially accept the intention and make room for participation. During the selection process this counterpart or donor representative will be treated as an additional Board Member.
-   To make the recruitment process cost effective and easy among the applicant only short listed candidates will be selected for interview.
-   Before recruiting a new employee the organization will check within the organization to find out suitable candidates for promotion to the post.
-   Before hiring a new employee, former retrenched employee will get priority in selection, if it were found potential candidate considering the position’s requirement.
-   Required qualifications, nature of appointment, salary and benefit and other relevant information should be included in the advertisement.
-   No one who is below 18 years of age will be employed
-   No payment such as transportation, lodging will be made to the candidates will participate in the interview.
-   After selection the Executive Director will provide an appointment letter to the employee following the sample appointment letter ( attachment-....)
-   Copy for all appointment must be preserved in HRD section at DCP head office through  a personnel file.
-   The employer and employees must sign on the appointment letter.
-   Each employee should be provided with a Job Description.
-   The persons who is working in another organization and seeking employment with DCP must have to submit clearance or release order from that organization before joining.
-   DCP employees are not authorized to work for other organization especially if they employed as full time staff.
-   An employee who is terminated and/or dismissed from organization is not eligible for any further reappointment.