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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Model for Comprehensive Disaster Management

The model for the Comprehensive Disaster Management  is the following
Risk reduction
Determining the Risky Environment and Re-determining
●    Setting the Objective and developing the Standards 

●    Determining the risks for the vulnerable community through identification, analysis as well as evaluation using traditional and scientific methods
●    Listing the elements of the risks, prioritizing the factors and the taking decisions
●    Drawing attention to all the hazards as well as risks and sectors
Managing Risky Environment
●    Avoiding Risk
●    Preventing Risks
●    Reducing Risks
●    Shifting Risks
●    Managing the remaining Risks
●    Reviewing and Evaluating of Risk Management

Emergency Response

●    Effective mobilization and pacing of the methods as well as process
●    Determining the early warning
●    Determining the level of warning signals as well as dissemination  process
●    Hugh level propagation of the early warning
●    Instant relocation of  lives and the possessions
●    Initiates search and rescue the immediate after the hazard
●    Impact of disaster, damage and the need assessment 
●    Providing the necessary emergency relief to the disaster affected people
●    Addressing the special requirements and needs of the community
●    Instant rehabilitation initiatives