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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Main types of Project Proposal

Although every project proposal is different, in development organization there are four basic kinds:

Project Briefing
As the name suggest, these give a very short description of a project, in only a paragraph or two. They are collected together into lists of projects within particular programmes or countries. The institutional funding raising team in development organization keeps a set of project briefings and updates them from time to time. Funders find them very useful in giving an overview of development organization's work.

Project  outlines:
These consist of a page or two describing a project in very general terms. This is all the information some smaller funders require and even larger funders may prefer to read a short document like this as an introduction, before deciding that they are sufficiently interested to see a longer proposal. The institutional fundraising team is preparing a set of project outlines, covering most of development work.

Short Proposals:
These are usually between about two and five pages long. They are prepared when needed, for individual donors who want something more substantial than briefings or outlines, but not a full scale proposal. They can often be written by editing down larger funding documents.

Full -Size Proposals
The length varies but these are substantial documents intended for large funders containing much greater detail and justification.

The proposal that we write will be mostly full-scale documents, or reduced versions of these. Much of this manual focuses on that type of proposal, but it is always useful to have shorter outlines of your work to show to potential funders.