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Friday, August 3, 2012

Problems of Access to Health Services for people living Remote areas of Bangladesh

There a lot problems encountering by people living in remote part of country specially in Accessing to Health Services. The problems and constraints of the people of living in rural remote areas are as follows:

- The poor and illiterate people living in rural and remote part of the country are not aware enough
- The people living in remote part have no access to health services the service providers are reluctant to serve them as they living in remote area.
- The communication problems is still a great from for them to get the service available.
- Lack of transport facilities as well as expensive transport
- The people living in remote part of the country are reluctant to get the services. The are generally depend on the fate.
- They are taking treatment from the quack and due to male treatment in most cases the complications increase.
- Lack of efficient service providers at the remote part of the country
- Lack of medicine availability at the remote areas where they are living
- Lack of health seeking behaviour among the people living in remote part.
- Sometime, they are disconnected from the mainland
- There believes and superstitions are contrary to the health