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Monday, December 19, 2011

Weaknesses of Some Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

 Weaknesses of Some Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs):The NGOs generally established to serve the poor people of the country. But serving the poor people require funding from different sources including donor funding. But most of NGOs Chief Executive and Senior staff are not able design new project and write project proposal and other fund raising documents like expression of interest, concept note, project idea etc.
Most of the NGO require potential staff but they have very little ability to hire potential staff with high remuneration due to funding crisis. There are a lot NGOs working with its own financial resources. Further, the staff exist in the organization they lack expertise and to increase the expertise and competencies require training but the NGO have very little ability the training resource person for staff development.
Each of NGO require to have Human Resources Development policy but most cases it is absent in the NGO level.  Just trying the NGOs are developing staff through meeting, workshop and sharing session which are really inadequate for capacity building.
There are many NGOs in the country have poor financial management system. All the non government organization requires a sound financial management system in place but most of the NGO’s financial management system is poor. Even, some of them have no financial manual and finance and accounts management policy and procedures. The NGOs require good accounting system but in most cases there exist weak accounting system. It is due to lack of potential accounts staff in place.
There are many NGOs have very little ability to ensure the quality implementation of the project. Each of the non government organization require regular progress and performance review of it’s existing  program and project but having to monitoring staff and monitoring and evaluation cell they cannot do it effectively.
They cannot manage the staff and personnel as they have no well written service rule or personnel policy. Sometime, there is no job description for each category of staff. As a result the staff do not know they have to do and what are their real responsibilities.  There are more weaknesses, it would be submitted later.

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